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A 20XX Challenge is a type of Challenge Cache designed to focus on specific years.


Over the years, finding caches from the early days of Geocaching can become more difficult.  This can be due to cache owner's who have quit geocaching, geocaches going missing, and just general neglect.  The 20XX challenge focuses on finding all geocaches from a specific year located within a given area (typically a whole state).  Some versions of the challenge include finding all geocaches in a given area placed before the end of the stated year, which can include more than one year.


Challenge rules may vary depending on the owner.  This is a general listing of the common rules:

  • All caches must be in a given area (typically a whole state).
  • All caches must have been placed in XXXX year, or prior to the end of said year.
  • VARYING: XX number of caches must be found that meet the previous requirements.  Some challenges require ALL active caches from said years, others require a specific number of caches from said years.


This style of challenge often includes a statement about helping geocachers experience caches from the early days of geocaching.  Sort of a way to experience geocaching history.


A sample of this style of challenge cache: