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Archive is the term used to indicate a geocache that is no longer available for hunting.


A cache that has been archived means that the geocache has been permanently removed. The only way one can re-enable the geocache is by contacting a Reviewer or Lackey. (Lackeys should be contacted only as a last resort).

If a cache has a Needs Archived log submitted, the local Reviewers will receive notification of the log alongside the cache owner.  This is to help alert them to a cache with potential problems, at which point they can look into the situation and determine what steps to take.

When a cache is archived, it disappears from search results and the map.  The cache page can still be visited.  Any lists that it was previously on will still show it, but it will be identified by both red text and a line through the name.  The cache page itself will do the same and also add a note that it has been archived. Fat

This is what the top of a cache listing looks like when the cache has been archived.

Archive or Disable[]

If a geocacher feels that a cache they own is only missing, and they intend to replace the geocache in the near future, the owner should temporarily Disable the geocache as opposed to archiving it. This is done to indicate that to other users that a geocache is not currently findable, but to check back soon as the owner is working on fixing it.

If a geocacher does not want to continue maintaining a geocache, or needs to remove it completely, then they would use the Archive option.  A geocache can be archived by both the owner and either a Reviewer or Lackey.  On the owner side, the geocache has been too much work to maintain, the cache has been muggled a lot, or the location is not a good spot for a geocache any more.  There are only two reasons a Reviewer or Lackey would perform an archival.  One would be if a geocache developed problems and the owner has quit geocaching.  The other is if the geocache violates Guidelines and the owner is not archiving it themselves.  if the problem is serious enough, the Reviewer or Lackey may just archive it right away.

Should the geocache be available for hunting but the cache owner is no longer willing or able to maintain the geocache, the owner can place the geocache up for Geocache Adoption as an alternative to archiving.