Armchair Logging is the practice of logging trackables or claiming cache finds without leaving the computer.


Armchair logging is most commonly associated with logging of virtual caches, but it can involve other non-physical caches and trackables.  Non-physical caches such as Earthcaches and some Wherigo caches also occasionally see this type of logging.  Any form of logging in which a geocacher logs a cache or trackable without leaving home is how many view the action. 


One must be careful of assuming that logging a trackable without leaving home is armchair logging.  Physically handicapped individuals may have someone bring them a trackable.  Armchair logging of trackables is most commonly a result of an individual posting the Tracking Code online, either written or visual. 

Check out either the Guide to Geocoins or the Guide to Travel Bugs to learn how to mask Tracking Codes.

Moral ViewEdit

Many geocachers view any form of armchair logging as cheating.  A lot of geocachers quote the practice as playing a role in the downfall of virtual caches. On an individual basis, many owners of virtual caches archived their listings as a result of armchair logging.

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