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Cache Type refers to one of various styles of geocaches.


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A variety of different types of geocaches exist.  Various criteria help define the type of geocache a cache owner chooses to hide.  How a cache owner wants a geocacher to find the cache is a big part of how a geocache will be classified. 

Some cache types that previously existed are no longer allowed for new placements.  Some of these types are considered "Grandfathered" and it is possible to find caches that were placed before they were disallowed.  New styles of hiding caches are being tested under the category of Lab Caches.


While there are officially 17 cache types[1], it is possible for as many as 19 to be visible in's official statistics page.  The two additional types are events that have been located at the Geocaching Headquarters. 

Official Active:[]

Official Grandfathered:[]


  • Groundspeak Lost and Found Celebration
  • Groundspeak Block Party

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