Central Jersey Geocaching


Central (Between 195 & 78)


New Jersey


Central Jersey Geocaching is a Geocaching organization located in the central region of New Jersey.


You have found the wikia reference to Central New Jersey's finest cachers, stashers & website crashers.

Jersey was too big for only a North and South group so the Central group was formed with the idea that we'll be the loose format, low maintenance group. The other groups are great but this leaves us more time for caching!

Central Jersey Geocaching meets every Third Tuesday at 6:30 PM somewhere in Central Jersey. You can check the online calendar to find out where. There's also active chatter on the website in the Chat Room throughout the day. If "eventual message" is more your thing, browse the Log Book - the official forum of Central Jersey. We've been busy adding content to the site - frequently asked questions, downloadable log books, buying advice and more. Also be sure to check out the Events Calendar, Relevant Hotlinks & Photo Gallery as well.

So, browse around if you like. When you're ready to sign up, we're happy to have you... but really... your time is better spent outdoors. =]

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