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A challenge cache is a variation of the Mystery Cache type that involves completing specific list of requirements before you can claim a find.


Challenge caches are not your typical geocache, despite often having a physical cache container and logbook to sign. They are different due to the special requirements that need to be met before you are able to complete the challenge. Some challenges are location based, with only one in an area, be it city, county, state, or country level. Some challenges are letter based, number based, or both. The following is a list of some of the more common challenge themes:

  1. County Challenge
  2. Delorme Challenge
  3. Fizzy Challenge
  4. Iconic Day Challenge
  5. Alphabetic/Alphanumeric Challenge
  6. Number Challenge (general category for a variety of number based challenges)
  7. Name Challenge (general category for a variety of cache name based challenges)
  8. Date Based Challenge
  9. Difficulty/Terrain Challenges

The difficulty of each challenge is relative. County, Delorme, and Fizzy challenges are often looked at as challenging to complete. Iconic Day, Alphabetic, and many Number based challenges can be easier to complete. The difficulty of Date Based and Alphanumeric is dependant on it's requirements. Challenge caches are often viewed like a badge of honor, especially if they are more challenging to complete.

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