Coordinate Checkers are 3rd party websites used in conjuction with mystery caches to allow geocachers to confirm the correct final coordinates for the mystery cache.

Sample checker image:

Geocheck large


When a cache owner creates a mystery cache that involves solving some kind of puzzle, they have the option to use a Coordinate Checker site to aid geocachers attempting to solve the puzzle. Upon visiting one of those sites, cache owners will enter some information, including the geocache code and the correct final coordinates, into the website. When they hit submit, the site will provide them with a link that they can put onto the cache page.

When a geocacher clicks on that link, they are taken to a site where they can enter in what they think are the final coordinates. The site will then return a "Correct" or "Incorrect" message based on the cache owner's original inputted information. Some sites have a built in timer to discourage random guesses, allowing only a certain number of guesses within a given time frame. A common rate is one guess every ten minutes. If a geocacher gets several wrong answers in a row, some sites will lengthen the amount of required down time between guesses.

Coordinate Checker SitesEdit

The following is a list of some of known coordinate checker sites:

  1. Geochecker
  2. Certitude
  3. GeoCheck
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