The GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit is a traveling museum exhibit featuring information about GPS technology and it's uses.


Developed through a partnership between Groundspeak, Minotaur Mazes, and Trimble Navigation, the exhibit first opened in June, 2007. The opening location was a museum and cultural center called Minnistria, located in Muncie, IN. It has since traveled to nine other locations, with a time span of two - four months in each location.


The exhibit encompasses 2,500 square feet of space. Broken up into four simulated environments (city, park, rural, and historical site), the exhibit highlights four areas of GPS technology:

  1. The History of Navigation — Traditional Navigation is complicated. GPS makes it easy.
  2. The Great Outdoors — The outdoors are for everyone. Be prepared, go play and Leave No Trace.
  3. GPS Today — Geocaching, the worldwide sport of hiding and seeking treasure.
  4. The Future of GPS — GPS is changing the way we live.

Each highlighted area, or satellite, includes a room locked with a numbered keypad. The visitor's goal is to navigate through the maze to each satellite, find a hidden cache, solve the puzzle to learn the door's keycode, unlock the door, and stamp their Adventure Card using a stamping device inside the locked room.

As visitors navigate the maze, they are greeted with a variety of displays and messages on the canvas walls that introduce them to various terms and facts about GPS technology, Geocaching, & Letterboxing. Within each satellite room are interactive displays, activities, and information that further explains that satellite's respective information.

The Adventure Card that visitors receive upon entering the maze is also integral to the maze. The card has numerous pieces of information split up into four sections. Each stamp helps highlight one piece of information in a section. After navigating to all four satellites and getting each section of the card stamped, visitors then navigate back to the maze entrance. At the entrance is a display where visitors use the highlighted information on their stamped Adventure Card to identify a city on the worldwide map shown on the display. Different colored Adventure Cards will each identify a different city. Based on the color of the card the visitor has in their hands, correct identification of the "Treasure City" will complete the adventure.[1]


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