A geocache, also referred to as a cache for short, is a hidden container meant to be found by other geocachers as part of the activity known as Geocaching.


Geocaches can take various forms.  Most geocaches

This cache is called No Bones Abbout It. The logbook is inside the little plastic circle under the skeleton.

are some form of physical container, ranging in size from something the size of a pencil eraser on up to amunition cans.  Containers can be vary basic or very complicated.  Over the years, increasing creativity from cache hiders has helped create caches that some consider works of caching art.  All physical caches should contain a logbook that is to be signed by whomever finds it.

Non-physical caches typically have some additional requirement that is to be met before they can be logged as a find.

Cache TypesEdit

Different cache types exist, with different guidelines for what encompasses each type.  Some types are no longer available for creation, though existing caches of a few of those types were Grandfathered in and can still be found.

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