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iOS, Android, Windows Phone


$9.99 USD


Geocaching App

The Geocaching App is an app for geocachers produced by Groundspeak.


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The compass arrow.

This app allows you to find geocaches with your smartphone. Caches can be found by entering a GC Code, address, postal code, or using your phone's current location. If the device you are using has a GPS receiver inside, it will help you navigate directly to the cache with a simulated compass arrow; if it does not contain a GPS receiver, then it will use a wi-fi hotspot or cell network  to determine your location relative to cache. You can even use the field notes feature to log finds or DNFs on the device and submit them when in cell or wi-fi range.[1]

This app allows you to view the cache page. The page includes several options: Navigate to Geocache, Cache Description, Recent Logs, Cache Hint, Cache Attributes, and Photos. Additional options for submitting logs, searching for nearby geocaches, viewing the cache's webpage, and viewing on a map are available.

All log types available to geocachers can be logged from the app.  This same page allows you to attach a photo or log a Trackable.  Once your log is prepared, there is the ability to either save the log on the phone to be submitted later, or to submit it directly to the site.  Only one Photo per log is allowed through the app.

The app allows you to search for Trackables. If you want to enter a log on any trackable you can enter the tracking number and log type.  Once logged, you can upload photos to the trackable web page as well.


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