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A Liars Cache is a nickname used to refer to a geocache where the owner specifically lies about details in the cache to misdirect the finder.


There are different ways that a Liars Cache may "lie" to the finder.  Examples include when the geocache is given a very high Difficulty or Terrain rating even though it should be low, or the size rating is set to large when it is really a micro. The Geocacher could be looking for a tiny 5 star geocache when it really is a large ammo box in the woods up in a tree. Sometimes, the owner will write up detailed descriptions that make it seem harder than it really is.  An example of such a description:

Perhaps the toughest challenge you'll ever have to face.

Planning is a must...bring equipment to help you solve this quest.

  • There are no trails
  • You will have to bushwhack the entire way
  • Water is involved
  • Elevation changes could be a factor
  • Rocks/boulders/cliffs/caves may be involved
  • Wear proper footwear
  • Bring water to drink

Once you reach the location seek out the container that holds the clues to finishing this adventure.

Challenge Caches[]

Liar's Caches typically cause problems for certain types of Challenge Caches.  In particular, both Fizzy Challenges and Difficulty/Terrain Challenges will often include a rule prohibiting Liars Caches.  Since the most common form of Liars Cache is to lie about the D/T rating, geocaches could easily make both challenges considerably easier for many finders by purposely putting high D/T ratings, even when not warrented.