Ideas from fellow cachers on interesting places that would fit well for a cache, but for one reason or another they can't hid it there themselves.

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Flatus lifir. 64.206953,-21.738334

Fjallsárlón. A smaller and more quiet version of Jökulsárlón. 64.014753,-16.372418

Elf stone. 64.128163,-21.77538

Hole in the mountain. 64.017372,-21.236385

Útvarpsstöðvarvegur. Where all the radio signals for the capital is sent out. 64.091903,-21.821626

Álfsnes. I've never been here, but it's where all the garbage from the capital is collected. Might be interesting. 64.189919,-21.754185

Hvítserkur. A beutiful rock formation in the ocean 65.60609,-20.637496

Cave at Reynisfjara. A beutifull basalt formation at the black beach. 63.402799,-19.042075

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