Lonely Cache refers to a geocache that has gone unfound for over a year.


Not every geocache gets visited frequently.  When a geocache goes for a significant amount of time without being found, it often gets referred to as a lonely cache.  This term started popping up more frequently with the creation challenges such as Ranger Fox's Lonely Cache Challenge in North Carolina.

Most geocachers will identify a cache as a lonely cache if it goes for one year without being found.  Once a lonely cache is found, it loses the lonely cache designation until it sits for another year without being found.  As a result, lonely cache lists frequently change.

Lonely caches are Harder to find if they:

  • are hidden in more rural locations away from major roads
  • have a higher Difficulty and/or Terrain rating
  • are difficult puzzles/multi's

Challenge CachesEdit

The Lonely Cache Challenge is based on the concept of a lonely cache. The first such challenge was placed in Kansas in 2011 - GC32RV2 Kansas Lonely Cache Challenge


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