A Muggle is a term referring to someone who is a non-geocacher.


The word muggle was adopted from the Harry Potter series of books, used to describe someone as non-magical.  In geocaching, it is used to refer to someone who does not geocache.  One common use of the term is when writing a log or telling a story, added to indicate that other people were around when the person found the geocache.  A second common use is when geocaching in groups.  In this instance, it is used while searching to indicate that people are coming and to be more stealthy.

When the approaching muggle is a police officer or person of authority, honesty is the recommended policy. Explaining Geocaching to them may help improve relations with that organization.

How to deal with mugglesEdit

1. Identify the muggles

2. Try not to draw attention to yourself or the cache

3. Come back later (if there are too many people)

4. Make geocaching look as natural as possible

5. Answer their questions if approached

GeoSnippits-How To Deal With Geocaching Muggles

GeoSnippits-How To Deal With Geocaching Muggles

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5 Tips for Geocaching Stealth

5 Tips for Geocaching Stealth

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