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Needs Maintenance is a Log Type that can be used by Geocachers.


The Needs Maintenance log is meant to serve as a notice to Cache Owner's that a problem exists with one of their Geocaches.  The log automatically flags the cache with a Needs Maintenance attribute which can be filtered for in Pocket Queries, as well as putting the Needs Maintenance symbol (the red wrench seen above) in the Info column seen of a cache search.

Unlike the Needs Archived log, a Reviewer will not receive notification when this log type is submitted.  Even though a Reviewer is not notified, care should be exercised when submitting such a log.  Avoid submitting this log unless:

  1. The cache has been found but is need of repair beyond needing a new logsheet.
  2. The cache cannot be found AND it is confirmed missing by a previous finder.

Caches that might be deemed missing sometimes are really just hidden well enough to be overlooked.  Confirmation by someone who has previously found the cache should be received before submitting the log. 

  1. The landowner is unhappy with the placement / lack of permission for the cache on his land.
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