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A puzzle cache is a variation of the Mystery Cache type that involves solving some kind of puzzle to determine the final location of the geocache.


One of the most common types of mystery caches, puzzle caches deal directly with some form of puzzle. The difficulty varies from puzzle to puzzle. Puzzle variants include:

  • Visual - the puzzle involves some form of picture related puzzle. EX: Stereograms of coordinates
  • Newspaper - the puzzle is the type you might find in a newspaper or puzzle magazine. EX: Suduko
  • Word - the puzzle is based word based, sometimes hiding the coordinates within the words.
  • Cipher - the puzzle involves some kind of cipher or code.
  • Trivia - the puzzle requires answering questions. The answers are then used to determine the final coordinates.
  • Numbers - the puzzle involves some form of math to determine the final coordinates.

These are not all inclusive and can often overlap with each other within a single puzzle.

Coordinate Checker[]

Many puzzle cache owners will put some form of coordinate checker into the cache page. This allows geocachers to verify if they solved the puzzle correctly or not. They are not required and puzzle cache owners don't always put them on all of their puzzles.

Current Icon[]

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