The Reference Code is a unique code used to identify a Trackable.


A reference code, also referred to as a reference number, is a unique code assigned to a trackable. While many people may have a particular version of a trackable, each unique tracking code is assigned a unique reference code.  Unlike tracking codes, a reference code is not stamped onto the trackable itself and cannot be used to log a trackable.

Trackable EtiquetteEdit

If a user were to be told a tracking code, that user could log a trackable even if they never came in contact with the item.  Armchair logging such as this has resulted in trackables being locked. has now provided the ability for cachers to lock their own trackables as well.  
Trackable Codes

The Reference Code is highlighted in green. The space highlighted in blue is where the tracking number would be located on your own trackable.

Instead, users can use an item's reference code in cache logs, blogs, forums, etc.  Anyone can search a reference number and land on the trackable page, but they cannot log the trackable. 

In any form, be it writing or media, users should always use the reference code when they identify an item instead of the tracking code.  Many geocachers consider this proper etiquette.

You can find this code on the item's page above the "Current Goal".

Video from Geocaching.comEdit

What to do when you find a Geocaching Trackable

What to do when you find a Geocaching Trackable

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