A Reviewer is a volunteer who helps approve and publish Geocaches.


All reviewers are Geocachers who volunteered to take on additional duties concerning the behind-the-scenes maintenance of the website.  Their role is to reviewer new geocache submissions to evaluate if they meet the Guidelines, then either contact the Cache Owner with additional questions or Publish the geocache.

Upon becoming a reviewer, additional tools become available that aid in the review process.  Identifying if a user is a reviewer requires nothing more than looking at their profile.  At the top of their profile, it will read "Profile for Reviewer".

Becoming a ReviewerEdit

Many people have asked what it takes to become a reviewer.  Unfortunately, the exact requirements still remain a mystery.  Groundspeak has put out some general qualities they look for in any volunteer:

  • high level of geocaching experience
  • positive reputation within the community
  • strong communication skills
  • good understanding of caching guidelines [1]

Volunteers are either sought out by Groundspeak as the need arises or are volunteered by other volunteers.  The position of reviewer is one of the more sought out positions, as evidenced by the high number of questions about how to become one.


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