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Washington State Geocaching Association is a Geocaching organization located in Washington.


The Washington State Geocaching Association (or WGSA) was founded in 2002 by a group of interested geocachers. The WSGA exists to:

  • Promote Geocaching as an exciting, family-oriented activity that increases awareness of parks and trail systems.
  • Provide opportunities for the Geocaching community to enjoy Geocaching in the area and to meet and socialize with like- minded Geocachers.
  • Increase awareness of Geocaching issues in the area through interaction with other outdoor activity groups, Geocaching clubs, and the public.
  • Educate Geocachers on low-impact Geocaching and promote stewardship of our natural resources.
  • Educate other outdoor enthusiasts on Geocaching.
  • Represent Geocaching interests in public forums and to recreation land managers.
  • Actively promote the "Cache In Trash Out" program to help in the maintenance of parks and trail systems.[1]


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