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The Wherigo cache is a type of geocache.


"Wherigo is a toolset for creating and playing GPS-enabled adventures in the real world. By integrating a Wherigo experience, called a cartridge, with finding a cache, the geocaching hunt can be an even richer experience. Among other uses, Wherigo allows geocachers to interact with physical and virtual elements such as objects or characters while still finding a physical geocache container. A Wherigo-enabled GPS device is required to play a cartridge. Learn more at"[1]

A Wherigo cache incorporates the elements of a Wherigo cartridge with the action of finding a physical geocache container. The success of Wherigo cartridges has varied from location to location depending on both the number of geocachers with Wherigo-enabled GPS devices and the willingness of geocachers to spend time designing and building the required cartridge. The majority of Wherigo cartridges are designed by users.

While the Wherigo type of geocache requires additional work to build, there are enhanced features that are available such as time restrictions, audio and visual media, as well as an interactive experience.

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